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Unit II Journal Assignment

As you journey through this unit, and are honing in on your critical thinking skills, you might have recognized the information regarding the Game Plan. To help in your critical thinking process, the Game Plan, located on pages 38-42 in your textbook, consisting of 10 strategies, was created to help assist you in making critical decisions. Strategy number 4, Keep an Intellectual Journal, will be the main focus of this assignment, however, other strategies will be included. Be sure to read through the 10 strategies before continuing with this assignment. Throughout the week you are to keep a journal. Within this journal, list at least three situations that have occurred during the week that are emotionally significant to you (meaning things you deeply care about). The only journal entry requirement is to record these situations and respond to the prompts below. You do not need to make an entry every day. From your list, accomplish the following, while keeping each situation separate from the rest: 1. Describe each situation and explain why each was important to you. 2. Describe how you behaved, with precise details, in each situation. 3. Formulate at least two questions that ask what was going on during the situation, and explain your answer to each question as a means of self-assessment. 4. Of the nine strategies remaining, remember you are keeping an intellectual journal, choose two and explain how using them will help you in decision making to solve each situation you listed. Your journal needs to be a minimum of two pages in length, double spaced, and typed using 12-point Times New Roman font. All sources used


Exit Strategies

Exit Strategies

In a three- to four-page paper (not including the title and reference pages):

  • ~Identify and discuss at least two exit strategies available to venture capitalists. Include example scenarios (one for each strategy) discussing why that strategy would be preferable than the other.
  • ~Identify and discuss at least two exit strategies available to the entrepreneur (other than closure). Be sure to include examples of entrepreneurs who used at least one of the exit strategies.

Your paper should be formatted according to APA style, and it must include citations and references and at least three scholarly sources.

Case Study

Choose a Case Study In Week Six of this course, you will create an Intervention Proposal for your final assignment. Read through all of the scenariosPreview the documentView in a new window and their associated articles to decide which one you would be interested in writing an intervention proposal for. In your post, you must explain the following: •Which scenario you chose •How you narrowed it down •Which two scenarios were your favorites and why •How the scenario you chose is relevant to your own experience or goals •What you will need to research •What limitations you expect Your post should be approximately 500 words in length and include appropriate APA-style citations and references as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

“hotfix” and a “service pack

Provide your response to the Essay Quiz questions in Chapter 14 and 15

1. Explain the difference between a “hotfix” and a “service pack” and describe why both are so important.

2. A new administrator needs some help creating a security baseline. Create a checklist/template that covers the basic steps in creating a security baseline to assist them, and explain why each step is important.

3. Compare and contrast port scanning and ping sweeps.

4. What is the best practice to employ to mitigate malware effects on a machine?

Please note that the requirement here is to write a 1 -2 (500 – 750 words) page paper. Be sure to include at least two reference sources. APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed.

Assignment Instructions

Assignment Instructions


Prepare a full sentence outline for research paper about customer service. The outline should include a cover page and list of references. The outline should be a minimum of two double-spaced pages (not counting cover and references).


The purpose of the outline is to help you establish the organization of your final paper.


Follow this structure:


I. Introduction


A. Thesis: Include your thesis statement here.


II. Body – Paragraph 1: Topic


A. Supporting Evidence


1. Explanation


2. Why is this important?


III. Body – Paragraph 2: Topic


IV. Repeat to include a minimum of 3 supporting topics (support your thesis statement).


V. Conclusion


Continue this format to cover all paragraphs in the body of your paper. You must have at least three topics in the body. Do not forget to include the conclusion. End with a list of References. Please see the attached document for a sample full sentence outline. Scroll down in the document to the “full sentence outline” example.


View the attached rubric for more details on how this assignment will be graded.

Social Roles Being Created By Technology

Since you have been looking at how technology and social roles are connected in this week’s discussion you will take on the role of a debater on the side of how technology has enhanced the social roles of the female population.

For your discussion:

  • State your side of the debate
  • Develop a solid stand on the issue
  • Include examples
  • Include some solid references
  • When providing feedback to other student’s posts validate how their information helps the issue.

Please make your initial post by midweek, and respond to at least one other student’s post by the end of the week. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.


Now that you have seen that digital technology has affected sociology, it is time to try your sociological skills and knowledge on the concept of privacy.

In a 3-4 page paper please do the following:

  • Explore how privacy has changed in response to digital technology and dataveillance;
  • Describe what the future of privacy looks like
  • Discuss whether or not there a need to rethink the concept of privacy in the digital age? Why or why not?

This paper will need to include both valid references and also some of your own thinking outside the box, just make sure to make a valid defense of what you develop from your own thoughts if there is no reference to back it up!

Remember to follow APA formatting.